2015 Health

I’m trying to take some big steps in managing my weight—which has ballooned out of control again—and my general health during 2015 (and beyond). I actually had a friend tell me last week that I needed to get my eating under control. When other people are telling you that … well, let’s just say it’s good to have a wake-up call.

My wife is trying to do the Whole 30 program for the month of January, and I’m *mostly* on board. I say mostly because I haven’t given up dairy. Yet. I like cheese. And half-and-half in my coffee.

I have, however, given up sugar and artificial sweeteners. I still use honey in my coffee. It doesn’t taste quite as odd as I thought it might.

Other things I’ve cut out: nightshades (which includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers) and wheat/grains. I never liked eggplant anyway. OK, for serious: It’s almost like I’m doing an unintentional Atkins Diet. I swear it’s not on purpose. I’m eliminating the nightshades from my diet because they contain alkaloids which may cause inflammation/swelling of the joints, specifically in people who have gout. And I have gout. Boy, do I have gout.

It’s been debilitating enough that I haven’t been able to work out regularly. I’d go to the gym, and then the next day my ankle or knee would be so swollen and stiff that I couldn’t use it for weeks. Even just walking or standing has become a chore. So I’m making some significant changes. Lots of green, leafy veggies. Fruit. Lots of lean protien. Avocados and nuts for fats. I hope to be back in the gym on a regular basis by the end of January.

My year-long goal is to lose 80 pounds. My overachiever goal is to lose 100. I know I’ll feel better when my knees/ankles/hips aren’t carrying so much weight. And it’s odd—after a day and a half of eating like this, I already feel less bloated than I’m used to feeling.

Anyway, wish me luck. I’ll update this page as we go forward in 2015 and my goals come closer to reality.

Weight on 1/2/15: 282.8 pounds.


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