Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

So the contest to review some of my short fiction came to a close this past Friday at midnight, and the winner of the random drawing is Erica Higgins, who left a very kind review of my horror story, Hidden House.

Erica will receive a $25 Amazon gift card, and I’ll make fun of her on Facebook and/or Twitter.

I appreciate everyone who reviewed a story. Whether you left a five-star, four-star, or one-star review, ALL of your feedback was immensely gratifying for me, just because writers don’t craft stories in an echo chamber. Or at least we hope not. Having those stories read by other people is the aim of publishing.

Thus far, a little more than 3,200 people have read my stories on Smashwords, and the stories are generally getting good reviews there. That’s not best-seller range, but I know a lot of writers who, well, they wouldn’t kill for that kind of audience, but they might maim someone.

Now, I’ve got a mean little story about a carload of killers to work on. See you later.


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