Motivation is where you find it

Some of you–people who know me in real life or who talk with me regularly on Twitter or Gchat–know that I’ve been trying to lose some weight, especially over the past month. I’ve lost 50-60 pounds in the past, but they always seem to come back.

The bad part: they bring friends.

But lately I’ve had real motivation for losing the fat. I want to be around for my kid. I want to see him grow up, get married, and start his own family. Someone said this, and it really got my attention: You see a lot of old guys, and you see a lot of fat guys. But you don’t see that many old, fat guys.

That’s motivation.

Much like with writing, motivation is where you find it. One of the things that is pushing me on the current manuscript is just the surging feeling that it’s time. It. Is. Time. I’m putting in the work. I’ve got some talent. I don’t know if the current manuscript is going to be the breakthrough for me or not. Maybe it’ll be the next one. Or the one after that. Or the one after that.

I feel like a baseball player who’s in a slump at the plate. It’s an awful feeling, but there comes a time when the slump ends, and you know it. You put your past failures behind you and you get back up to the plate and take your cuts. It’s just a feeling right now, but it’s a feeling that I’m getting there. I’m moving on from this slump. I’m standing at the plate and the ball looks so clear as it comes toward me that I can see the red stitching along the seams.

Motivation. It’s there for you everywhere.

Open your eyes and look. You’ll find it, too.


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