I have to change some things

Something has to give.

I’m not writing. I’m futzing (that’s right, I said futzing) around on the Internet, playing with Facebook and Twitter. I can’t seem to shut my brain off to concentrate on the things I’m supposed to be writing. It sucks. I take that back: it SUCKS.

I’m watching other writers, writers I’m friends with, succeed where I’m failing. The difference isn’t talent. I’ve got talent. (Maybe not a lot of it, but I’ve got some.) The difference is that they have buckled down and done the work. I haven’t. And it’s coming back to bite me in the ass. Because as much as I say that I want that agent or that book contract — I obviously don’t want it bad enough to actually work for it.

(Like right now I’m crabbing on the Web about my not writing. You see this? This is called NOT WRITING.)

So what do I do?

If a huge part of writing = put your ass in the chair and fucking write, then why am I not doing that? Someone want to explain that to me? Because I seriously have no clue what the hell is keeping me away from the page. Why am I treating the writing as if it were the same thing as going to the doctor for a tetanus shot? I open Word and want to run like hell.

I think one of the biggest things I’m going to have to do is get away from what’s easy. That means making some fairly drastic changes. I’ve asked my lovely and talented wife to pull the plug on the wireless router. And to take it with her when she goes to work. That means my Facebook and Twitter usage will be limited to my phone.

And since my phone and FB don’t really like one another, that’s gonna keep me away. I hope.

Another change: 9 a.m.-11 a.m. is writing time. Not napping time. Not “Oh, there’s an NCIS marathon on USA Network?” time. I can catch up on the DVR, nap, post blog entries, etc., after the writing is done. Of course, if I have a doctor’s appointment or something (and I do have one coming up, actually), this time will be a little more fluid. With the schedule I work, this really needs to be my time to get some real writing done.

One more: I will follow the secret to success that Chuck Wendig posted on his Twitter account over the weekend: I will write every day and try not to suck at it.

You may see much less of me online in the days to come. I hope you see much less of me online. That should mean the plan is working.

3 thoughts on “I have to change some things

  1. I like your plan here except for one thing. It’s good to try not to suck, but I suspect this is why you’re not writing. You’re afraid it will suck, which it won’t, but you think it will. So just get the words on the page. Word war with people. Do a certain number in an hour. Join a group you have to report to everyday. If you write 500 and only 50 are salvageable at the end of an edit, that’s 50 more than you had before. This is what I had to tell myself. The words can’t be great or suck if they are not on the page.
    Right now, I have three new characters – check that, four – sitting around a table at a bar…no, there’s no punchline, but I don’t know what the hell they are doing. Two are trying to get each other to bed, one is a hopeless ball of annoying insecurity and the last one is…well, she’s the girl most likely to succeed, so I pretty much hate her. Where will they go? not a clue. But this week I have 5499 words of them not knowing. And it’s kind of refreshing.
    And don’t forget something else too…writers are a community. There’s room for all of us to succeed. You’ve got people in your corner, I should know, it’s pretty crowded over here. So here’s to shitty words falling off over stuffed pages to leave just the perfect story behind. Cheers!

  2. Lose the internet on your phone as well…that distracts a lot of people when doing a lot of other things. believe it or not, it can and will wait on you to get time to look it up.

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