So since the things I’m doing aren’t working, I’ve decided to switch some stuff up with the writing. I spent a great deal of time today sketching out a rough outline for the next novel-length story I want to tell. I’m enjoying the process of just letting my mind be free to tell the story — and as I was writing all of this intricately plotted stuff down, I remembered what Cassie Clarke and I had talked about:

I need to write something just for the sake of writing it. I need to get back to writing because it’s what I love to do and what I’m good at. I don’t need to look at marketing or querying or pitching or whatever else could be on my mind. When I read other authors, the thing I look for is story. Everything else is extraneous.

So I’ve decided not to worry with the stuff I can’t control. I can’t control whether an agent likes my work. Or whether a publisher would want to buy it. But I CAN control the writing. I can put my butt in the chair and work. I can tell the best story I know how to tell. That’s the part I love, anyway. I love building a world, building a tale, up from nothing but the thoughts in my head. It’s a beautiful thing.

Back to outlining: I’m not actually a believer in outlining. It’s so much more freeing to write by the seat of your pants. But as I’ve been pushing this outline along, I’ve noticed that it is forcing me to take logical steps in my mind. It’s making me layer and structure the writing I want to do. And it makes me want to get back to the keyboard.

That’s the best part of all.

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