Quick hits

Just a few things to start off with here. Some of them are writing-related. Some are not.

1) My son took his first steps yesterday, and I got to see it. It was incredibly powerful, and I’m still at a loss to say how wonderful it was. Imagine the best thing ever in your life, and double it. No, triple it. It was wonderful to see him take those first few little movements forward. I wish his mom had gotten to see it too, but she was in another room at the time. 😦

2) Yet another tornado blasted Alabama last night. Misty and I spend a largely sleepless night, listening to the rain and wind. By the time the lightning and thunder got her, I think we were back asleep. My heart breaks for the families of those killed or hurt in this latest tornado outbreak, but at the same time, I’m glad it missed Tuscaloosa. I don’t think we could take another one.

3) I just finished Allen Schatz’s fine novel, Game 7: Dead Ball. I received a free copy for review purposes, and now that life has calmed down a little at the Mathews household, a full review is forthcoming. But here’s a quick blurb: Schatz is talented, and the tale is told well. The best thing I can tell you about Schatz’s writing is that he’s a craftsman. This novel is built like a good ocean-going vessel: no leaks, smooth sailing.

4) I produced and directed another commercial for my day job, and I have high hopes for it. I’m supposed to be looking at a rough cut this week for final approval. I had the incredible professionalism of local actor Molly Page to help, and Will Nevin bailed me out when a couple of people fell out at the last minute. Those are great people, and I definitely owe them one.

5) Friday is my wife’s 29th birthday, so for just a few months she will only be 11 years younger than me. This should tell you something about my family: My wife didn’t want presents, just good people around her. Oh, and an ice-cream bar. How many 29-year-olds have an ice cream social as a birthday party?

That’s the news from here. Hope this week is just as good for you as it looks like it’s going to be for me.

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