The Friday Five: BCS title game edition

Five things to do/see/read/experience over the weekend.

BCS Championship game! Hey, I live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I realize football wasn’t invented here, but it WAS perfected. Alabama claims 13 national championships, and we’re hopefully putting the finishing touches on No. 14. Technically this doesn’t happen until Monday at 7:30 p.m., CST, but that just means there are a couple of extra days to tailgate. It’ll be dead in Tuscaloosa Monday, and raucous that night. Roll Tide!

My kid walks! He looks a great deal like a zombie — knees straight, feet stabbing at the floor. He’s using a walker-toy that my parents got him for Christmas, and it’s just about the cutest thing ever. I plan some major walking time with the little guy over the weekend. As a parent — hell, as a DAD — I think it’s massively important for me to have time like that with my son.

Reading. I’ve got a new book to review, and one I’ve had on the back-burner for awhile. Two independently published books: Allen Schatz’s Game 7: Dead Ball, and M.B. Mulhall’s Near Death. I’ve got to re-read M.B.’s offering, but I remember really enjoying it when I read it as one of her beta readers. Schatz’s book is about baseball. And murder. The way I feel about the Atlanta Braves’ management these days, I can completely relate.

Company’s coming! We have an out-of town guest coming later this month, so if I have a top priority this weekend, it’s to Clean. The. House. So apparently spring cleaning is going to get underway a little early. We have a kid, though — isn’t the house SUPPOSED to be a wreck?

Prep time! In that same vein, I have been procrastinating (I am definitely a pro — lost my amateur status a LOOOOONG time ago) on finishing our kitchen/dining room floors. I’m about ready to tear it all up and start over from scratch. I’m going to get all my ducks in a row this weekend. It’s me or the floor, and the damned tiles are NOT going to win!

This has been your Friday Five. Return to your regularly scheduled program! Have a great weekend, all!

One thought on “The Friday Five: BCS title game edition

  1. Hey man, the house is supposed to be a mess when you have kids, it is the forever free pass whenever the in-laws come over and stare down your dusty baseboards. What are you using on your kitchen floors? I helped a friend tile once, it was horrific. A carpenter I am not.

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