Friday Five, Part Deux

A quick rundown of five things to see/do/listen to/read/etc. over the weekend. Enjoy!

See: Dude, Captain America came out Tuesday. Buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray and watch that sucker. It might have been even better to me the third time around. I’m still floored by Chris Evans as Cap. Yeah, they did a ton of CGI with him, but his portrayal of Cap (and more importantly, Steve Rogers) was dead on.

Do: Visit some family, you selfish jerk. Seriously, we’re heading on a long road trip to go see my in-laws, and we’ll get some good time with my parents in, too. Yay for having parents and in-laws who live only 45 minutes from one another. It’s always tough to travel with a baby, and not because the baby is difficult. Noah loves to travel. But everybody wants to see the baby, and it’s never fun to be the bad guy and say, “No, we have to go now.”

Listen: As the weather gets colder, I turn to beach music to keep myself a little warmer. That’s why this weekend is perfect for some Jimmy Buffet or Zac Brown Band (multiple thanks to my friend Jeremy for introducing me to their great song, Toes). I’m not a huge fan of Margaritaville, but Son of a Sailor is always a winner.

Eat: Beer chili. Yes, it’s even better than it sounds. Here’s the recipe: Everyone’s favorite chili (new window) … And I have a couple of thoughts on how to improve it. Go ahead and lightly season the ground beef and sausage with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper while it’s browning. Then make sure you drain the beans and tomatoes before adding them, otherwise, it’s a little soupy. Still, a great warm meal for these cool autumn nights.

Read: If you follow this blog, you know I love me some Donald Westlake. Well, the Mysterious Press has several of his out-of-print books as e-books now. I downloaded Jimmy the Kid and am racing through it. I’m planning on tossing another one on the Nook for the weekend, too. Gotta do something to make it through the road trip!

Disclaimer: As usual, I got no swag for recommending things like beer chili, songs/artists, or books/authors. I’m not saying I wouldn’t take it, mind you, but I didn’t get any. Again. Dammit.


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