Huge news!

Longtime readers of this blog know that I have a small man-crush on Otto Penzler, the owner and operator of the Mysterious Bookshop in TriBeCa . (You’ll note that’s not a small-man crush. Stop making fun of my height, dammit! I’m not THAT short!) I’ve written about visiting his shop, and we’ve had some very limited e-mail correspondence.

Penzler was a good friend of my literary idol, Donald Westlake, so imagine my glee when I opened up an e-mail yesterday to learn that his publishing imprint, The Mysterious Press, is now online and offering several out-of-print Westlake titles for sale as e-books! Okay, yes, they’re offering books by other authors as well, but I’m trying to focus on the most important things here! Of the ten offered, I’ve read and own two. Buying (and reading) the other eight just became a huge priority. My Nook is hooked up and charging, folks.

You can visit the Mysterious Press (new window) on your own for some amazing authors like Westlake, Ellery Queen, James Ellroy, and Joseph Wambaugh. The company has always had a reputation for building beautiful, well-edited, and durable books. I’m sure their e-book selection will be no different.

Disclaimer: I received absolutely zero swag or payment for this post. In fact, I’m about to actually go give THEM money.

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