Days of whine and noses

It’s been a rough week.

I’ve been sick. There’s a stomach bug going through Noah’s daycare. He hasn’t caught it, but the little joker is apparently a carrier. Misty and I both came down sick with a stomach virus within hours of one another. From there it was high fevers, uncontrollable chills and many, many visits to the toilet.

Then I caught Noah’s head cold on top of that. My son is already trying to kill me. I told Misty we should have named him Oedipus. Kidding. I think.

All that to say that I’m woefully behind on my writing. And reading. And blogging. I’m working my way through a friend’s soon-to-be-published novel, and it’s good stuff. But man, I’m ready to get back to work on my current work in progress: Little Miss Perfect. I’ve taken about a month off from it, so I think I’ve got enough distance from it to make some significant changes.

Just as soon as the rest of my beta readers get back to me. ::cracks whip::

I’m gonna go blow my nose and whine a little more about being sick. Back soon with a post with some substance.


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