Gotta get down on Friday

Thank you, Rebecca Black, for ruining one of the best days of the week.

This is one of those posts about nothing and everything, so be prepared. The work week this week has been … meh. For those of you who don’t know, I do public relations by day, donning my BobtheWriter cape and mask by night (or early in the morning, as the case may be). This week was tough, however, because I never got into the writing groove I wanted.

I watched the week go by, all the time thinking to myself that THIS should be the day I get the ball rolling. Didn’t happen. I’m not going to worry with all(any?) of the psychological reasons this may have happened. Instead, I want to focus on my goals for writing this year. By the end of the year, I want to have three finished first drafts done. Taking an extra week off isn’t helping.

My next project should have been (and is) updating a manuscript that I finished several years ago. I called it Twisted, because that’s what the story was: it was a convoluted robbers-and-no-cops sort of story. Just the sort of thing I like, in other words. But at 120,000 words, it was too long to see published. My plan is to refurbish this manuscript and see if I can sell it. My mission, should I choose to accept it (and I do, I really do! I swear!) is to carve this manuscript down to 90,000 words, max — 80,000 if I can. It’ll be like a whole new book, and I hope by now I have enough distance to treat my own work with some objectivity.

Of course, I have to READ. THE. DANG. THING. And I just can’t make myself sit down and do that. I’m not sure what I’m scared of. Is it that the book is bad? Maybe it is. I really don’t remember enough at this point to tell you if it’s bad or good. I remember enjoying the hell out of writing it, so I expect there’s some redeemable value somewhere in that first draft.

My goal for this weekend is to have several hours where I shut myself in a room with this old nemesis — just me, the pages, and a red pen. I expect the manuscript to be a bloody mess when I’m done.

So I count this week as a loss and keep going. The battle is lost, but the war isn’t over. I can conquer the book if I want to. If I’ll make myself.

Have a good weekend everyone.


2 thoughts on “Gotta get down on Friday

    • The current best thinking is that a thriller/suspense novel (which, face it, is what I write) should top out at 100,000 words for a new author. Just as an example of something you have handy — Prodigal is right at 92,000 words.

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