Little Miss Perfect

I haven’t blogged in just over three months. There are a couple of reasons why. First of all, I haven’t had much to say. Second, I was working on the first draft of a YA novel, Little Miss Perfect.

You’ll note I WAS working on it. That’s because I finished the first draft of the manuscript this afternoon. It’s right around 45,000 words (and honestly, it can probably grow a little bit), a contemporary/suspense YA novel. I want it to read very quick, very tight. And I think it does. At least so far.

What’s it about? Try this on for size:

Lauren Good is perfect. At least that’s how her friends and family see her. But a summer job between high school and college calls all of that into question. Unqualified and in over her head as a youth pastor, Lauren falls for one of the kids she’s supposed to be leading–a girl who’s in danger from the predatory advances of the church’s lead pastor. While Lauren may be confused about her sexuality, she understands the dangers a man like Pastor Tom can pose to underage girls. She’ll do everything in her power to rescue her one-time lover from the clutches of a serial abuser.

I wrote most of the first draft–about 30,000 words of it–this week. No, seriously. I’ve been trying something called “fast drafting” where you write between 3,000-5,000 words every day. It’s forced me to stay disciplined in order to reach my goal. That goal was to have the first draft done by tonight. I finished it slightly ahead of schedule. I know there’s more work to be done, but finishing feels so good.

I guess you could say that about a lot of things, couldn’t you?

One thought on “Little Miss Perfect

  1. I am leaving a comment to let you know I must be blind this evening, but I can’t find the link to follow your blog. I will need it in large print near the top of the page because in addition to being uncoordinated, I am apparently in need of glasses 🙂 I am glad to have met you via Twitter,and I’ll keep up with your blog 🙂

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