WIP it. WIP it good.

I haven’t been on the blog a whole lot lately. I’m pretty well immersed in my current work-in-progress (the above-mentioned WIP).

Busy few days as I’ve added about 8,000 words to the manuscript this week, and things are going along fairly well. I had a pretty tough rejection on Thursday that nearly derailed me. But I dove back in and completed my writing goal for the day. I took yesterday off from writing, and I’ve got some home improvement work to do this morning — but this afternoon it’s going to be me, Boone and Abby (two of the main characters) and some good writing time.

I’ve discovered something: I’m a heck of a lot better at this writing thing when I do it every day — or nearly every day — than I am when I let weeks go by without putting anything on paper.


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