So I had a well-meaning friend leave me a message on Facebook today, telling me to not worry about my word count and “use my talent.”

While I appreciate the sentiment, I think a daily writing goal is essential, especially for someone like me. With this new work, I’m trying to hit 2,000 words every time I touch the keyboard to write. I’d like to say 2,000 words a day, but I’ve already blown that. As long as I’m pushing 10,000 words a week, I guess I will be satisfied.

If I don’t have a daily writing goal, I might not write at all. I’m a lazy sod, what can I say? Having that goal makes me want to hit it. I’ve begun making deals with myself: No going out socially of an evening unless I’ve hit my goal. No Xbox. No TV. Not unless I’ve finished my goal. Once I’ve hit that 2,000 words, I can do whatever else I need to do. But moving that cursor across the screen takes priority.

And the more I hit that goal, the sharper my talent becomes. You lose your skills and god-given abilities if you don’t use them, just like a muscle atrophies from disuse.


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