I’m writing, I swear

I’m 4,370 words into the manuscript now … about two chapters. It’s annoyingly easy to get into the main character’s head — I just call on my experiences as a bartender, or the experiences I’ve heard of other bartenders. My old workplace actually had a series of crazy bartenders, one of whom tried to burn the bar down. Is that going into the book? Hell yes.

Misty thinks the main character (who I haven’t named yet … I really ought to work on that) is much more relatable than some of my past characters. I think there are a couple of reasons: I’ve given this guy a real job. Not a rock star, not a not a criminal or someone out for revenge. The guy (we’ll call him Kincaid for now. I got nothin’ else) is just a regular guy, trying to do what everyone else is doing — do his job, live his life.

He can’t help it that the people in his life are making horrible decisions AND dragging him into it with them. It’s kind of fun to write a character whose chief reaction in the first two chapters has been OH HELL NO. I’m going to have to build layers to him, of course, but these first few chapters are merely (for me) like a first date. Do I want to get to know this character and his story any further? Is this a case of a peck on the cheek, or does Kincaid get invited up for a nightcap and the full Monty? Only time will tell. I’ve written enough and read enough that I’m not easily impressed.

I’m highly uncomfortable with the analogy I just wrote, just for the record. But I’ll leave it up. It’s early, and I occasionally amuse myself.


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