Who should read Prodigal?

If you’re a fan of crime/suspense/thriller fiction, you should read (and buy!) Prodigal.

But that doesn’t mean that I recommend the book to people without hesitation. There are people I wouldn’t recommend the novel to. There is a lot of sex and violence in the book, and some language that many might find objectionable. Understand that I’ve done everything I can in writing this book to put the characters in peril — to put them in positions that will make the reader squirm and keep turning the page to find out how everything ends.

I think one of the most difficult parts of wanting to be a “real” writer is knowing that you’re going to write some things that may make other people look at you funny — as if they wonder how the hell that idea got into your head. Even people who know you well (maybe especially those people) will wonder a little about the way your head works.

So, to whom would I recommend Prodigal? To people who want a good story, with some chills and thrills thrown in. To people who don’t have a weak stomach. To people who aren’t easily offended, and who are patient enough for a good payoff at the end.


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