New contest!

Want to win a $25 gift certificate to and a free, autographed copy of my novel, Prodigal?

All you have to do is get the word about about Prodigal! More below the jump …

Go to Facebook and “like” Prodigal. Leave a message about where you heard about the contest. Then tell your friends to “like” Prodigal — and for them to leave a message about how they heard of the novel. The five top referrers will have their names put into a hat, with the overall winner being drawn at random.

Or hit up my Twitter feed and add me: @bobbymathews … same rules apply. twitter followers who add me and tell me you were the one who recommended them will be counted the same as facebook “likes.”

You can like Prodigal here: Prodigal on Facebook

And last but not least, go comment on my website, … get your friends to comment and follow the blog as an RSS feed and tell me who recommended the site. These followers will count the same as facebook and twitter users!

Thanks for participating, and remember — if this novel is successful, it will be because you and people like you participated, purchased the book and told other people about it!

The contest will run for two weeks, from today through Oct. 6 — get started early!

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