What’s it all about?

For those interested, here’s a little info on the novel. Hope you like this look inside Prodigal:

Susan. Monica. Teresa. Wendy. Thalia. Farrah. Shannon — how Johnny Riles used to mark the days of the week.

Johnny had fame, money and all the women he could want. But a car accident stripped him of the use of his left arm and marred his good looks. Alone and devoid of his livelihood (guitar-slinging rock star), Johnny can’t stay in L.A.

A return to small-town Alabama, and suddenly the days are all the same: Sarah.

Bad news is, Sarah is married to a hometown football hero-turned cop — who happens to be Johnny’s little brother, Aaron. Johnny’s reappearance and subsequent affair with Sarah rekindles a sibling rivalry that soon turns deadly. Desperate to prove himself and reclaim the life he built, Aaron recruits a mercenary cop to eliminate Johnny. But when Aaron finds out that Sarah is pregnant, the situation spins out of control, leaving Johnny and Sarah fighting for their lives.

Prodigal is a thriller with a southern flair, a book that examines the breaking point between family, lovers and friends. Available Nov. 2, 2010 in trade paperback and e-book formats.


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