what’s wrong

so i’m reading through the first draft of Prodigal, and i’ve come to a couple of conclusions:

1) it’s pretty good. not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but good. i think the long layoff between periods of writing it really hurt me. as i’m reading through it, i can nearly see where i stopped and started. i think the second draft is going to be easier, in many ways. it’s going to be simpler to go through and clean up a lot of the mistakes.

2) consistency is going to be key. because i did have some layoffs while writing the first draft, there are things that are completely inconsistent. there are things i don’t remember from one chapter to the next. the narrative line through the novel HAS to be consistent. but that’s just work. i can (and will) make that work.

i’m a little over 200 pages into the first read-through. i’ve gotten some stuff down pretty good. other stuff? not so much. but overall the manuscript is a pleasure to read. i’m enjoying the fact that i put together a pretty damn good manuscript — and looking forward to the rewrite.


2 thoughts on “what’s wrong

  1. AN artist, While painting, will take a few steps back every now and then to observe and correct to make his work a masterpiece for all to enjoy. Hang in there. You will always see things you can change as time goes by since your frame of mind always changes with where you are in life.

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