The hardest part

Oh the way-ay-ay-ting is the hardest part …

Seriously, the toughest thing about having finished the first draft of a novel? Waiting for your beta readers to get back to you. It really is hard. I mean, people have lives — my manuscript can’t be the most important  thing to everyone.

But I’d like it to be. Ha.

So in the meantime, I’m doing some research into the next manuscript — basically futzing around and doing the NOT WRITING thing. Research is not writing. Talking about writing is not writing. In other words, I’m stalling. Stalling until I hear back, stalling until I know whether the book is as good as I think it is — or until I know what I need to work on to rewrite it and improve it.

In the meantime, I’m reading a lot. Just got done with Westlake’s final Sam Holt novel, The Fourth Dimension is Death, as well as Richard Stark’s The Seventh. Right now I’m in the midst of The Rare Coin Score, with four other books waiting for me to come pick up (and pay for) at Barnes & Noble. And yes, they’re all Westlake/Stark. I’m something of a completist, so sue me.

So getting some reading done is nice — but again, it’s NOT WRITING. I’ve got a great idea for another novel, and I need to get started on it.

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