Bank job

Expounding a little on a tweet from yesterday: writers think about things differently. In my head, it’s always a game of “what if?” Also, I write crime fiction: So when I walk into a bank, I automatically case the place. Where are the cameras? Is there a security guard? How many employees? How many exits? Who would I initially approach?

So yesterday an idea for a story pops into my head as I’m standing in line at Wachovia . What if a bank robber walked into a bank that was already in the middle of being robbed? Great possibility for humor/tension. I’m not ready to write it yet, but man. This is the interesting part of the days after finishing the first draft of the novel — it’s like the tide has gone out and left these interesting artifacts and fragments lying around. I go out and pick them up, think “Isn’t that interesting?” and then move on to the next thing. I already know the novel I’m committed to writing next, so a lot of this is … just foreplay.


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