Moving right along

Writing on the novel took a nice uptick last week, getting about 5,000-6,000 words farther along. I’m battling a bit of a head cold — and also dealing with a great deal of exhaustion from my “regular” job. My entire noggin feels bloated and otherworldly. I’ll survive, but it’s not fun right now.

I found an interview with Donald Westlake, which made me smile today. Thought I’d share it, just to show what a remarkable guy Westlake was.

This is the guy — along with Robert B. Parker — that I have in mind every time I write. Those are the standards I’d like to live up to. Having said that, I think it’s time to get back to the manuscript.

One thought on “Moving right along

  1. Speaking of Parker, did you know that he apparently wrote one draft of whatever Spenser book he was working on, and then sent that draft in to his publisher to be edited? One? Unedited? Man, the bygone days…

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