Meg Gardiner

For a long time, you couldn’t find Meg Gardiner’s books in the U.S. The American citizen had to find publishing success overseas in Great Britain first. I’ve read two of her novels, Crosscut and Kill Chain, and both of those bad boys are worth reading.

They star Evan Delaney, a lawyer-turned-novelist, and her boyfriend/fiance/husband Jesse Blackburn, a paraplegic attorney whose backbone has iron in it despite the spinal cord injury that forced him into a wheelchair. If you’re a fan of Sue Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone, Robert B. Parker’s Spenser or Richard Stark’s Parker, you will love Gardiner’s work. I first read about Gardiner on horror-master Stephen King’s blog. Say what you want about King, but he knows talented writing when he reads it. I found Gardiner’s Web site, (who knew?), and enjoyed her blog long before I found her fiction here in the U.S.

Hardboiled, funny, smart-as-hell thrillers aren’t a dime a dozen. When someone comes along with a knack for writing them, readers should stand up and take notice. Once you read Gardiner’s work, you’ll wonder what took American publishers so long to give her a chance.

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