Just do it

It’s fascinating to me that after so many centuries of the written language, we’re still trying to tell stories. Maybe all the good plots have been used, or all the great titles taken. But we’re still trying to tell the stories of our own generation, applying the wealth of our knowledge and experience to everything that’s come before.

Is there anything really new to say? Or are we all — published and unpublished writers alike — trying to capture the sound of one hand clapping? That’s what I’m trying to work through here, as I struggle to complete my first novel manuscript in seven years. I’ll be exploring my daily writing goals, my thought process as I put the story down, and I’ll be reviewing some popular and literary fiction. I read widely, if not deeply. I’ve always seen the written word as something of an all-you can eat buffet. There’s so much out there to sample — so what if the chicken tarragon isn’t so hot? Maybe the lasagna will be more to my liking.

I’m sure there’ll be some personal life stuff on here as well — if only because I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s interested in how and why a writer is formed.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride.


One thought on “Just do it

  1. Hi Bobby! Can’t wait to see how the mind of a writer works… don’t even know how my own works yet. I’m working on a new project these days and I might just turn it into a blog too. It’s a journal I’ve been keeping since Emilie was a baby – can you believe that she’s going to be 4 in a few weeks? Anyway, just observations and thoughts, the funnier things she’s done and the ones that have almost stopped my heart for a moment or two. I almost want it to be a wonderful love letter to her, so that when she is older she will be able to read about the times she cannot recall.

    It’ll be fun to see how you progress here… thanks for sharing it with your FB friends!

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